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Anti Wrinkle Face Slimming Belt No Side Effect For Female
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Product: Views:17Anti Wrinkle Face Slimming Belt No Side Effect For Female 
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Anti Wrinkle Face Slimming Belt No Side Effect For Female




Please note


Do not use while sleeping! Do not use in the bath! Appropriate to adjust the tightness, not only for the effect tightness adjusted too tight! !




1. Recommend 20-40 minutes at a time, if the facial discomfort, as the case may take off the mask.

2. Recommend using warm water below 40 degrees, do not use any bleach whiten and brighten agent, do not close to the high temperatures and sharp objects, hand wash best.

3. The wound covering parts Do not use Do not use children, pregnant women, heart disease, high blood pressure and skin diseases.

4. Please direct sunlight to save this thing.

5. When dry, do not wring dry naturally appropriate.


For female face-lift and the design and use of far infrared powder fusion super elastic fibers, heat deep stimulates fat, rapid fat burning and promote the circulation of the facial skin, the effect does not disappear washing, and the use of three-dimensional cut, from the forehead to the chin completely futie!

Special 3-layer material, face regenerative sweating, reach a sauna mask effect, even doing housework, can fully meet face-lift effect.


Know -> Your face has been change ~ ~ In addition to the skin due to the force of gravity with the problem of aging and increasingly flabby face will cause muscle groups due to unbalanced occlusion uneven force, and around the face of different sizes, buccal bony prominence and other issues. Always want to maintain beautiful skin applying skin care products, face to rely on cosmetic surgery, spend huge sums and complicated steps. In fact, the time to resolve the beautiful face needs as early as born in Japan, now the introduction of China!

5 the layer structure Yen mask COGIT latest the ene metal germanium titanium germanium layer titanium layer, Chloroprene Chloroprene rubber layer, layer of titanium, special nylon fluff layer made of three-dimensional cut from the forehead to the chin, neck, completely obedient, any face are applicable. Five-layer structure, improved insulation sweating effect, strong tightening of sweating, can promote metabolism exclude the face of excess water, the rapid elimination of edema; easiest way, you can have the most petite, three-dimensional star beautiful face . Every day, use a five-layer structure of the COGIT latest allyl metal germanium titanium small Yan mask, youthful beauty effects seen!


Characteristic features: super elastic fibers not only modified facial lines containing far infrared material, far infrared sauna effect, concentrated sweating quickly ruled out more than water, coenzyme layer of the skin becomes firm and smooth! Stereoscopic finding the golden ratio in accordance with the face design, rapid effect, the method is simple, easy to have a three-dimensional star face, no longer afraid to be on camera! Use after the skin more smooth and detailed!


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