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Pearl Natural Skin Whitening Creams , Anti - Bacterial For Women
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Product: Views:27Pearl Natural Skin Whitening Creams , Anti - Bacterial For Women 
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Pearl Natural Skin Whitening Creams , Anti - Bacterial For Women




YiQi green cover set (Higher bottle):
         Day Cream + Night Cream + Pearl Cream + cleanser + small sample

Day Cream (15 grams)

Ingredients: Hawthorn, pearl powder, ginseng, natural whitening elements (BEABERRY), arbutin, Polygonatum, mulberry root, Atractylodes, Arnica, and other cosmetic cream Placenta; hawthorn, pearl powder, ginseng, natural increase white elements (BEABERRY), arbutin, Polygonatum, mulberry root, Atractylodes, arnica, sheep placenta, etc.
Effect: added skin moisture. To maintain the skins lipid membranes moist. Nourish dry rough skin Leaves skin smooth and not tight. A variety of plant extracts to replenish vitality. Glow cell vitality. Accelerate the blood circulation. To improve skin elasticity. Eliminate facial lines. continuous use for 7 days. make black yellow skin and rough skin and delicate. soft white. shiny.
This product contains natural whitening elements (BEABERRY). To a variety of herbal plant extracts the nutrients. With anti-bacterial. Alcohol anti-inflammatory factors. Multivitamins deployment. With double whitening factor has been the formation of spots to remove the direct decomposition. a variety of grouper and infected by bacteria from the acne. and can penetrate deep subcutaneous tissue. the treatment of acne and decomposition of latent melanin. acne. scar. and can shrink pores, make skin bright white Xi. to ensure the skin under the sun from UV damage.

Usage: In the morning compact beauty with Shu Qi cleansing facial cleanser, take the appropriate cosmetic cream applied to the face, gently massage until completely absorbed.


Night Cream (15 grams)

Ingredients: Atractylodes, Poria, Polygonatum, Ophiopogon japonicus, Hui Yan, chamomile, fritillary, ginseng, Baiji, witch hazel, sage and other herbal extract made two dozen.

Results: This product is a natural herbal extract solution (YOYUMIN) with A, D, E, moisturizing factor, active regeneration factor, with good depth activated fiber body, increase cell membrane transport and excretion of melanin ability to quickly resolve the enhanced improve the suppression of skin spots, freckles, Hu Dieban, acne, acne to anti-inflammatory whitening, revitalize skin, rosy.

Usage: analysis of compact beauty at night with the Shu cleansing facial cleanser, take the appropriate color beauty night cream applied to the face, gently massage until absorbed.

Pearl Cream (15 grams)

Ingredients: Natural sun protection factor, pearl powder, ginseng, natural increase since the element (EABEHRY), arbutin, peach moisturizing ingredients, mulberry root, Atractylodes, arnica, sheep placenta, etc.

Results: This product is sunscreen excellent special effects. Fully protect the skin from UV (A wave, B-wave) against. Whitening isolation function. Mild. Not block pores. Can prevent fine lines caused by dryness, to give the skin vitality and elasticity. To make the skin plump. Fine uniform texture. Nourish the skin by the sun when required, so you enjoy outdoor activities, comfortable and easy whitening by skin experts to test, does not irritate skin, suitable for all types of skin.

Usage: Apply evenly with sufficient quantity to completely cover the face and body, if dry after each swim and then coated with a layer of face and body, then the effect is more ideal. (The morning prayer with the compact beauty Cleanser Shu cleansing the face, first with beauty cream, and then take the amount applied to the face Whitening Cream, Whitening Cream + or beauty cream mixture onto face, gently massage 3 - 5 minutes to fully absorb the long-term use, whitening and isolation of double effect.)


Cleanser (100 grams)

Ingredients: serum protein, enzymes acid, salicylic acid, protein, soy protein, pure deep brown algae extract and so on.

Effect: extremely mild nature, the rapid removal of dirt, activating anti-aging ingredients triple, effectively accelerate cell metabolism, aging skin to promote skin peeling. Provide the skin of moisture and nutrients necessary to maintain adequate water storage cell state and prevent fine lines and large pores, shrink pores, tighten skin. After the skin with a crystal clear, flexible.

Usage: The amount of water on foaming, gently massage on face for about 3 minutes, then rinse with water.

Manufacturer: Shu Qi Taiwanese cosmetics (Holdings) Limited license
Taiwans Shu Qi (Kowloon) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. produced
Address: Kowloon, Hong Kong, 34 Tai Yau Street, New Tech Plaza, Room 2301-2303




1. Before using this product, please take the product a little painted the inside of the arm or ear done 48 hours after the skin test, if any redness allergy, do not use.

2. Avoid the product applied to the eyes, around the mouth, if you do not hold grudges, rinse immediately with water after a wipe clean.

3. Components used in the past had a bad skin care products, creams, pigment is not easy to fall off over long-term use of cosmetics, has resulted in blocked pores, toxins and pigment deposition in the skin, in using this process, there may be slight redness, itching, tight sense, and the black silt, oil refers to the deterioration, dander discharge, this is metabolism, a strong resolve toxic reactions return to normal within days.

4. In using this process, please do not with other brands of skin care products mix, so as not to affect the products efficacy and adverse reactions.

5. Children, pregnant women, disabled.



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